Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Share some Foxy Love

So what is this #foxylove that's everywhere on twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

My wife and I have six kids including 17 month old twin boys.
Celebrating our 5th year wedding anniversary recently it occurred to us that we haven't gone out for the night without ANY of the kids in almost 2 years.
Don't laugh you just don't realise how fast time flys and how busy things get.

So to celebrate out first adventure out for the night we are planning on staying at the lovely Terrace Hotel, somewhere I experienced by myself as part of the social media launch #socmedsleepover, and dining at The Brown Fox.

Why the Brown Fox??? I saw some comments from them on social media while being a part of the #socmedsleepover and noticed that although trying hard to keep up they were relatively new to it.

So I have taken it upon myself to help them out and increase their social network awareness across all forms including their Facebook page, their Instagram portfolio @thebrownfoxperth and their twitter account @thebrownfox_.

They believe in social media that much that they're willing to put up a $100 to use at the brown fox to make it worth your while if you help out too.

I'm Paul Dunning on Facebook and @deadplayground on twitter and Instagram and my wife is @jodiedunning on Instagram and twitter.

We look forward to meeting the staff Saturday night and everyone else on social networks throughout the next few days.

Enjoy and we would love your support.

Terms and conditions;

The competition begins the 12/12/12 at 12:00pm and finishes on the 15/12/12 at 5:00pm.

The winner will be announced at 7:00pm 15/12/12 and published on twitter, Facebook and Instagram on the accounts associated with this competition.

The accounts associated with this competition are @thebrownfox_ (t) @thebrownfoxperth (I) @deadplayground and @jodiedunning on twitter and Instagram and the Facebook accounts of 'The Brown Fox' and 'Paul Dunning'.

Although The Brown Fox is mentioned in social media aspects relating to this competition it is solely privately run by Paul and Jodie Dunning and The Brown Fox is in no way liable or responsible.

Family of any the social media accounts associated with this competition are excluded from entering.

To be included as a correct entry it must be in the following categories;

On twitter you must be following @thebrownfox_ and RT (retweet) a tweet including the hash tag #foxylove posted during the competition times will be counted as a single entry. Multiple entries are welcome.

On Facebook you must 'like' The Brown Fox's business page and have made liked a comment containing the hash tag #foxylove either on the wall of any of the associated facebook accounts for a single entry. Multiple entries welcome.

On Instagram you must be following the account of @thebrownfoxperth and liked or made comment on any of the photos posted that include the hash tag #foxylove on any of the associated accounts of this competition.

Each correct entry will be allocated a number in the order they are received where a random number generator will be used to determine the winner.

The winner will be final.
No correspondence will be entered into.

First prize consists of only 1 x $100.00 voucher to be used at The Brown Fox West Perth.
Terms and conditions may apply in regards to use.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sleep Deprived

I have been sitting here at work in front of the computer thinking of what important and wittingly funny issues I could blog about while resisting the urge to shut my office door and have a nap, then it hit me and i dont mean my head and the desk.

The people i hold dear to me have noticed for some time now that i am grumnpy, snappy and very tired which usually isnt like me at all.

Thinking back it's really come on since the twins  have arrived, which was something i had issues with at the time (another blog).

I try to do a lot at once. I work, although it's not the hardest job in the world, and i come home and do the most i can for my wife, she does an amazing job. I clean the house and cook meals as much as i can because I feel it helps her out and at the end of the day i find it hard to relax in an untidy environment. And because i respect what my wife does i try to get up all night for the twins too who wake any where between just the once to 10 times a night, although unfortunately it seems to be the latter.

But there is only so much that I can blame on sleep. I hate what i have become/becomming.

My daughters miss 3 and miss 4 seem to cop the brundt of it lately. they arent unruley kids but i seem to be reacting abruptly and I feel guilty after i have disciplined them to harshly.

As a father trying to not make the same mistakes of his father i used to lay there at night before falling asleep thinking about how I was as a father that day and what i could have done to be a better dad. Lately I just dont do it because it hurts.

I dont know what to do. You dont want to speak about it because there is always someone more tired than yourself. You dont see a doctor because to you thats the last thing you want to do. But what if it is more than just not sleeping or stress.

I could try going to bed earlier but thats not something i can seem to do either. By the time the last child is in bed it's 9:00pm and then its time to have some time to yourself and some time with the wife. A cup of tea, some probably far too much social networking and before you know it youre in bed and it's midnight only to have to get up for work at 5:50 after an interupted night of twins waking almost hourly.

I am trying my hardest as a dad and a husband but lately i feel like i am failing at both and need to make some changes.

I have always loved the christmas period but lately it seems i have lost my HOHOHO. I have holidays soon and i am hoping that helps. I am going to look into some vitamins perhaps and consider some electronic free early-to-bed nights for the sake of my family, but honestly i cant see that happening either.

I just hope they realise that i love them all and there isnt anything i wouldnt do at the end of the day to be a better DAD.