Thursday, 22 November 2012

And a big brown shark came...

Those of you old, or cool enough, to have experienced all wrong that is Eddie Murphy's delirious will enjoy the reference In the title

Tonight instead of the usual routine of bathing the twins while the girls shower together, we let the girls watch some tv instead so it wasn't as hectic.

Yes the bath routine, for those without kids, is very hectic.

So here I am in the kitchen and all I here is mum blaming one of the twins for farting.

But that would have been the least of her worries because one of the boys decided that bath time was a relaxing place to poo.

As funny as it sounds to non-parents believe me it's not.

So here we are grabbing the boys out of the bath post haste as if a scene from the original Jaws movie, unwashed at this point, wrapping them in towels and proceeding to dry them in their bedroom. Spaghetti bog stains on their little shocked faces.

Now here's the lesson for all you non breeders, what is the methodology in removing poo from a bath full of water and toys?!?!? Hey?

Yeah you think you know everything.

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