Wednesday, 21 November 2012

As Sweet as she is.

An early phone call at work by the wife can only mean one thing, some thing's gone wrong.

Although it is hard to not write this with a grin on my face picturing the event, one which can only be enjoyed when one is not there having to deal with it or clean it up.

Apparently the day started for my wife at 6:05 when our little Booggitty, Sierra (3), wakes mum up with a request for breakfast.

We have a policy in our house although i don't think it's ever been adhered to, that the kids should come out of their rooms in the mornings before 7:00am or at least until one of us are up.
Therefore Sierra was sent back to her bedroom breakfast-less.

Mum fell back to sleep until 7:15 when she was woken to a noise in the kitchen.

Sierra, was filling up the dog's bowl with water. Which s very thoughtful of her. Albeit it there was already a dogs water outside.

That was normal enough until mum realised that Sierra looked a little 'sticky-er' than usual, which meant further investigation to the bedroom.

Now bear in mind that Sierra was sent away at 6:05am breakfast-less, she has decided to make her own.

One must give credit for her having something relatively healthy and all natural, but I'm assuming that helping ones self to a cup of Honey isn't the most stable of diets.

Sierra had gone into the pantry, and out of all the sugary packaged cereals and biscuits she could have chosen she helped herself to the newly purchased squeezy bottle of honey.
Then proceeded to empty 3/4 of said bottle into a cup before returning to her bedroom to eat it with a spoon. Being a caring girl she shared it with her 4 year old sister.

So picture a bedroom, 2 innocent girls covered in honey, including in their hair somehow, blankets, sheets, clothes and at one point spilling said cup-o-honey on the new carpets also.

To top it off it has all happened when my wife has a 9:00am appointment.

At the end of the day there are lessons to be learnt from this, which most parents become complacent with, As I am a prime offender.

PUT SHIT AWAY and lock everything!

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