Thursday, 29 November 2012

Insomniac Parents

Being a parent of 6 kids and now including multiples i would like to think ive tried everything when it comes to getting kids to sleep.

When I tell people how many kids I have, upon returning to their feet, their response normally involves a joke about not having a TV (what?! You can't have sex while watching TV) and then the realisation and a comment about it being hard on me.

yes it is hard and for the non breeders and the beginner parents, both of which bitch endlessly on social networks about how tired they are and how hard their day was with little jimmy. Screw you!

My children don't sleep! Plain and simple. I have never had a sleeper. Not matter the routines, theories, practices and program's they don't sleep through the night until they are two years old.

Don't get me wrong I know I am to blame. I have read every book, every website forum, every wives tale and spoken to doctor after doctor and I know what I'm doing wrong.

The loved ones in my life were noticing that I was becoming a little snappy and grumpy. Its not intentional I assure you, but it's true.

So one day at work I sat there and did some calculations. You see I am really really tired.

The twins are now 16 months and wake anywhere between twice to 10 times a night between them.

Do the math. I am sleeping on average hourly. I don't know if I'd ever admit it but I enjoy going to work on a Monday. I get more sleep there.

My wife and I have an understanding. We have made the decision that we are prepared to go without sleep than to apply the procedures involved to get them
To learn to fall back to sleep by them selves.

Yes I mean controlled crying. And regardless of the all the do gooders it really works but its not something we are prepared to do. Not saying I haven't tried it, the opposite. I applied it for a week. And it worked. But due to moving house they fell back into old habits and they have stayed that way and we just can't do it again.

So they wake I get up and give them a small bottle and they go back to sleep with the dream that in 6 months they will sleep through the night

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